Do you know of a Yoga Studio interested in expanding their offerings?

Are you a Yoga Studio owner or Yoga teacher drawn to Authentic Relating?

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We seek to offer regular game nights as an opportunity for people to find a safe space offline to connect and have fun and meet new friends in real life.

We envision game nights hosted in a wider variety of locations, throughout the city, and facilitated by different teachers.

If you are interested in being a facilitator for game nights, please let us know!


Authentic Relating is a practice, just like Yoga.

It has been called "Relationship Yoga"

The open-hearted emotional awareness that an Authentic Relating practice brings is crucial to the mind-body-spirit practice of Yoga, and appeals to those of us on a holistic wellness path.

In other words, yogis are one of the "avatars" we find are drawn to the energy of relating authentically.

The physcial space of yoga studios is also well suited to this work, where we can sit in a circle and have enough personal space between us.

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