The Art of Connection ~ Weekend Reset Retreats

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday (optional)

8 AM Continental breakfast 8 AM Continental breakfast 8 AM Continental breakfast
8:30 AM Meditation 8:30 AM Meditation 8:30 AM Meditation
9 AM Morning Session 9 AM Morning Session 9 AM Real World Integration
10:30 AM Break 10:30 AM Break 10:30 AM Break
11 AM Morning Session 11 AM Morning Session 11 AM Decompression Session
  Lunch Prep   Lunch Prep   Lunch Prep
12:30 PM Lunch 12:30 PM Lunch 12:30 PM Lunch
  Cleanup Crew   Cleanup Crew   Cleanup Crew
1 PM Freetime 1 PM Freetime 1 PM Departure
    Departure if leaving before Monday
(If at all possible, please stay Monday)
Off grounds by 2 p.m.
Arrive Before 5 p.m.      

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday (optional)
3 - 5 PM Arrival / Check-in       Off grounds by 2 p.m.
  Get settled in 2 PM Afternoon Session 2 PM Afternoon Session
    3:30 PM Break 3:30 PM Break
5 PM Opening Circle 4 PM Afternoon Session 4 PM Afternoon Session
  Dinner Prep   Dinner Prep   Dinner Prep
6 PM Dinner 6 PM Dinner 6 PM Dinner
  Cleanup Crew   Cleanup Crew   Cleanup Crew
7 PM Game Night 7 PM Evening Activity 7 PM Evening Activity

  • This is a fully immersive retreat, and will create an altered-state experience.
  • This is a 100% sober event. This work itself will open you up, and mixes badly with alcohol and intoxicants.
  • We recommend, if at all possible, giving yourself a full day after the retreat to decompress before returning to work or daily life.
  • Because the organizers have experienced first-hand how powerful this type of experience is, the final day of the retreat is designed as a "Decompression" day for the whole group. You may find it beneficial to have a decompression day of your own after you leave the retreat center.
  • By Day 3, you will probably be wearing your heart on your sleeve and experiencing how wonderful that feels. We create a safe place for that, and it's healthy to do that, when it's safe.
  • Day 4 is designed to help you tuck it back in and re-integrate into the real world. That is very important when doing this kind of work. For that reason alone, we very much recommend staying for the entire weekend.
  • The location of the retreat center is also very beneficial for meeting the need for decompression. Your drive home will provide a nice transition back.

Session Overview ~ The Art of Connection

Friday (Day 1)

Game Night / Icebreakers
Ease into the weekend by getting to know each other in a relaxed setting as we play some simple connection games. Make "Big Talk" and skip the small talk!

Saturday (Day 2)

Active Listening & Empathy

  • What empathy is & is not ~ it might surprise you
  • Learn how to truly "show up" for each other.
  • Practice in groups of 2 and 3.


  • Learn how to show up for yourself.
  • We model and teach somatic strategies so that we can really become present within ourselves.
  • Many of us are unfamilliar with self-empathy. That's okay. "Focusing" is one of several techniques we will practice together.
  • After we master that skill, we can truly connect with each other more deeply, by building healthy rapport, rather than connecting over our shared problems (or avoiding those problems by talking about the weather).
  • Solo practice; there will be space for sharing in the larger group.
Sunday (Day 3)

Undivided Attention ~ The Art of Being Present

  • Learn how to be truly present.
  • Learn to fully see and hear and be present for the person in front of you.
  • Be fully seen & heard yourself.
  • Practice in groups of 2 and 3.

Identifying and expressing our needs, making requests

  • Learn to identify underlying unmet needs, not the surface symptoms.
  • Learn to ask for what you need.
  • Learn how to meet others' needs without draining yourself.
  • Practice in groups of 2 and 3

Hearing "No" ; Saying "No"

  • Learn how to confidently (and politely) say no when you really cannot give what someone is asking for.
  • Learn how to hear no without getting offended, taking it personally, or becoming upset.

Monday (Day 4)

Real World Integration & Decompression Sessions (important)

  • We emphasise strategies for re-integration & decompression after the kind of altered-state experience you will have had this weekend.
  • We don't offer a "peak experience" that fades as soon as you leave. We emphasis how this work will integrate with (and will affect) your daily life, and effect the people in your life, when you return home.

Creating a safe space for you to fully find your sense of safety in self-expression is of utmost importance to us.
We hope you are considering joining us, and want you to have confidence that your Authentic Self will be held in the highest regard and honored here!

What the Art of Connection is not:

  • This is not peer-counseling, or a place for emotional "process work."
  • The Art of Connection is a place to connect, and experience what it feels like to create healthy connections from the heart.
  • No new romantic relationships. Platonic intimacy only.
  • The Art of Connection is not a weekend to start a romantic relationship. Please do not come with that in mind. Closeness between participants can very quickly develop over a weekend, and a common reaction may be to "romantacize" that ~ especially since we are rather starved for closeness in the modern world. For that reason, there is a rule that has become a best-practice in this field: no romance on weekend retreats.

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