The Art of Connection ~ Weekend Reset Retreats


Owned and operated by Ananda Marga, an international yoga and social service organization, the Ozark Retreat Center has hosted yoga and meditation retreats since 1983.

The Ozark Retreat Center is a four-hour drive southeast of Kansas City, in the heart of the Southern Missouri Ozarks, and about one hour east of Springfield. The immersion in nature and separation from the "real world" is an experience by itself. There is a very strong felt-sense of the spiritual energy on the land of the retreat center.

The location of the retreat center is helpful in meeting the need for decompression after the immersion retreat experience. The drive home will provide the necessary time and space for transitioning back to the "real world."

Accomodations are dorm-style rooms, and there will be space for each of us to have our own room, if desired.

We can swim and canoe in the pond (canoes provided)!
There are also walking trails across the property and liesure time on the schedule!


The dining hall offers delicious vegetarian meals and a beautiful outdoor seating area. There is wi-fi in the dining hall, but we respecfully ask retreat participants to use it only for actual emergencies.

We have been to the Ozark Retreat Center on several occasions before ever planning retreats there. There is a very strong felt-sense of the spiritual energy on the land of the retreat center. It really is an undiscovered gem in the Ozarks. We only found it through a series of synchronicities.

If you have a few extra days, you could easily extend your stay in the Ozarks and maybe never want to go back to the city again! :) There is lots of great hiking in the Ozarks nearvy as well as multiple rivers to canoe or kayak.

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