I've found that it's uncommon for a social group to encourage intorverts to attend, or make us feel safe, seen & heard when we do show up.

As an HSP and introvert myself, I believe that social pressures have forced some of us to hide away.

What do we need?
I think a space designed with safety in mind, that encourages vulnerability and discourages loud, obnixious behavior is a big part of it.

What do you need?
Please, let us know.

A Safe Space for Connection


Empaths, &

HSPs Welcome!

There are many reasons why HSPs, Empaths and Introverts tend to feel shy around others or in groups.

Do you ever feel like everyone's talking at you, and no one's listening?

We want to connect deeply.
We don't do well with small talk.
We don't do well around people who don't understand boundaries.

This group teaches us, all of us, what ACTIVE LISTENING means, and creates a safe space for us to be witnessed, seen and heard on a deep level.




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