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Fun, games & new friends! We play lawn games, meet new people, and play getting-to-know-you games with an emphasis on...

Posted by Authentic Kansas City on Monday, May 3, 2021


The Art of Connection ~ Learn More

  • Unplug. Retreat into nature. Be fully present with yourself and others.

  • Go deeper into connection as we learn skills for positive, constructive communication

  • Master self-confidence and healthy relationship skills

  • We don't offer a "peak experience" that fades as soon as you leave. We emphasize how this work will integrate with (and will affect) your daily life, and the people in your life when you return home.

Retreats take us much further, and emphasize specific communication skills for healthy relationships, expressing our needs, active listening, giving & receiving empathy, and emphasize personal growth in community, not alone.

Autumn 2021 ~ Learn More ~

Make BIG TALK, not small talk with us!

Even before social distancing, the digital age was moving us away from community.
Let's get together again.

Is Authentic Kansas City for me?

Yes ... if you desire to:

  • Step into a healthy, positive attitude
  • Cultivate healthy, positive relationships
  • Learn a language of positive, constructive communication
  • Master healthy self-confidence

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