A socially-distanced game night in Loose Park.

Examples of our curriculum from Non-Violent Communication:

Authentic Kansas City is for grown-ups, but we get to act like kids again!

Go ahead, get comfortable!

Make yourself at home.
Have a seat on your yoga mat or blanket.
We usually sit in a circle or across from each other.

There will be lawn games as ice breakers, and then we will move into our connection activities!

The point is to have fun
and maybe even act like a kid again!

Our connection "games" are in:
1) Pairs
2) Small groups of 3-4
3) In the whole circle

We mix up the groups after every couple exercises.

Facilitator prompts are designed to help us give our full, undivided attention to the person sitting in front of us.

Undivided Attention feels ... comforting...

We are encouraged to be "fully present" and in the moment with them, not distracted by cell phones or to-do lists.

Active Listening feels ... calming...

We experience what it really feels like when someone is truly giving us their full attention and actively listening to us. (It's very calming ~ you might be surprised.)

Empathy feels ... warm...

We also practice giving and being able to receive empathy. (It's warm. Again, you might be surprised....)

Authentic Kansas City group, February 2020 (pre-covid).

The Spring 2021 Sessions in Loose Park are the first meetings of Authentic Kansas City since before covid.

Weekly Game Nights ~ Saturday evenings at 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

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