If an internet connection is all we have, it's time to re-think connection.

Authentic Kansas City is a place for community.

It is also a place to become the best version of yourself ... with everyone else around you.

Get to know YOURSELF & OTHERS on a deeper level.

Authentic relating has been described as a "fast track to friendship." It's a collection of "games" that cultivates connection in a meaningful and deep way. On a practical level, it's a gathering with some people where we do different activities one-on-one or in the whole group.

We believe the need for human connection, offline, in real life, is essential, now more than ever.

If you find yourself saying "Yep," then this is the place for you.

Authentic Kansas City is a place to:

  • Meet new friends
  • Practice positive, constructive communication
  • Practice healthy relationship skills
  • Mindfully grow as a person

The Kansas City group's activities have been researched and developed since 2015. Our goal has been to cultivate a curriculum centered on open-minded, open-hearted relationship skills.

Our activities have been developed based on first-hand experience based on the best practices of the following groups:

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